To see full news article SURREY – There is much outrage when a woman is killed in the Indo-Canadian community with the usual suspect shouting loud about inequality and women’s rights but hardly a whisper when a man dies as a direct result of family problems. This is exactly what happened to Gurdip Singh Saroya, who’s new wife Harmanjit Kaur Dhami arrived on Oct. 12 but wouldn’t let him touch her. She immediately wanted to move to Toronto, by herself. Unable to take this emotional fraud – Gurdip Saroya jumped off the Pattullo Bridge on Monday morning, just five days after his wife’s arrival, and killed himself. Who’s to blame for his DEATH? Saroya’s family is clearly putting the blame on his “fraud wife” Harmanjit Kaur. They say her behaviour and wanting to move to Toronto by herself made Gurdip distraught, realizing the strange marital incident he found himself in. Gurdip Singh Saroya married Harmanjit Kaur Dhami in India on February 11, 2011. Dhami arrived in Canada on Wednesday, October 12 and the Saroya family was at the airport to welcome her. Rajwinder Kaur Braham, the sister of Saroya, told Sher-E-Punjab Radio, that Harmanjit Kaur was very distant and quiet and that she was not welcoming of her new husband. “He tried to hug her, but she kept telling him not to touch her,” Braham recalls in Punjabi. Braham said at one point, Dhami even called 911 alleging that Gurdip Singh was assaulting her. Over the next few days after Dhami’s arrival, Braham says Dhami stated on more than one occasion that she would not be staying here and that she wanted to go to Toronto. Braham says when her brother and his new wife were on their way to the travel agent, Dhami said that she did not want Saroya to go to Toronto with her. At this point, according to Braham, Dhami bolted from the car. The Saroya family now believes that Dhami used her marriage to get to Canada. Police have yet to confirm the details of Gurdip Singh Saroya’s death.