In light of what has happened this morning and still having no access to the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada website, I thought I would share my thoughts on the best way to come and work or live in Canada. Option one: Try to obtain a work permit through the NAFTA free trade agreement. If you are working in one of these professions below and have the educational qualification and work experience, and you are able to find a Canadian employer who is willing to offer you a job, then you can apply for a work permit to work in Canada. Usually a work permit and gaining Canadian work experience is your first step towards obtaining your permanent residency in Canada. Option 2: Apply under Express Entry program. Under the current express entry program, if you have current Canadian work experience, you may have enough points to qualify under this program. In the following months, it is expected that the point system is going to change significantly, so that if you have the right education and English level scores, you may be able to qualify for permanent residency then. In order to prepare for the new changes, it is recommended that you get all your educational documents assessed by an approved institution, which you can find here. You are also required to write an English test. Everyone is required to write it. It does not matter if you come from an English-speaking country. Information about the English test is here. Make sure to get the highest possible score as every single point counts. Getting these documents ready does take time so if you are serious about coming to Canada, then I would suggest preparing yourself by having these documents ready. If you have a spouse, I would highly suggest that you have your spouse also get his or her educational documents assessed, and to also write the English test. Unfortunately it is difficult to say for certain if you are qualified as we do not know what the new changes will be but if you have many years as a skilled worker, high education and excellent English scores, there may be a chance for you. Last options: If you have a Canadian parent, look at getting your proof of citizenship to Canada. If you are dating or married to someone who is Canadian, look at getting your permanent residency through sponsorship from them.